Review 1830 : Hænesy & Autumn Nostalgie – Awaking Mechanon – English

Awaking Mechanon marks the alliance of Hænesy and Autumn Nostalgie.

Announced for 2023 by Northern Silence Productions label, the split is part of the aerial Black Metal limbo of the two bands, who have already released two albums each.

Hænesy opens the split with Through The Storm of Everlasting Complaints, which first unveils solemn tones before letting dissonant swirls surround us, then the power of distortion suddenly crushes us while ghostly voices take over the space. Darkness gradually bewitches us, leaving the accelerations to smother the breaks before giving way once again to softness which gradually becomes disquieting, but the sound will eventually fade away.

Autumn Nostalgie offers a decidedly more driving sound with Hüperion, creating an interesting contrast with its rawer, more aggressive vocal parts, which contrast with the soaring leads. The mystical break immediately becomes more distressing as the screams become part of it, before releasing all the intensity for a heady final, which naturally leads us to Sarepta and its majestic sounds. The mysterious touches are carefully fed by the musician, as are the ethereal harmonics soaring above a misty rhythmic pattern from which screams spring, again providing contrast with the intoxicating instrumental’s softness.

Worldfall, Hænesy‘s second and final track, returns to the luminous haunting tones of the first half, followed by a distinctly thicker instrumental, completed by devastating drums. Once again, the division between the tones is captivating, as are the few damned cries in the background, falling silent to let pessimistic notes lead us into silence.

If Hænesy perfectly handles the ethereal, mystical approach of Black Metal, it’s with a more energetic rhythm that Autumn Nostalgie expresses itself, creating on Awaking Mechanon an interesting shift between the two styles.


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