Review 1893 : Satanic Tea Co – A Celestial Beating – English

Satanic Tea Co are at the right temperature for their debut EP.

Founded as a Canadian clothing brand that also sells tea in 2017, the idea germinated between Crucifix (vocals), Khorne (guitar), Oro (guitar), Zodd (bass) and Belial (drums), who today present us with A Celestial Bearing.

The band presents an abrasive Old School blend of catchy Death Metal, preceded by a short vocal sample on Purgatory Precursor, a rather heavy introduction that abruptly ceases before exploding on Septic Savior. The track has all the elements of a good song, whether it is beastly howls, crushing heaviness or dirty drum sound, sometimes complemented by infrabass or a sharp solo before the final moshpart, which leads us into Shit Karma and its more ominous approach. Riffs are slower, creating a heavy atmosphere where screams perfectly fit in, then the central acceleration will energize the mix, first with an overpowering wave, then with jerky patterns before Chemical Paradise unveils mysterious sounds, similar to a radio broadcast and strange keyboards. The ominous ambience is finally replaced by the dissonant leads of Dissection of Christ, followed by its screaming riffs and finally its surge of raw power, to which the usual aggressive vocal parts are added. The track remains effective right up to the last note, then the EP comes to an end with A Celestial Beating, which offers a slightly more modern touch that also fits in well with its chaotic rhythm, where jerky riffs meet different vocals while crushing us with a raw sound.

If you didn’t believe Satanic Tea Co‘s story, which is nonetheless true, I hope you’ll be curious enough to listen to their music! A Celestial Beating may be short, but it’s still very effective and enjoyable!


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