Review 1905 : Come Horrid Sigil – Dead Obelisk – English

Come Horrid Sigil is born.

Created by Funds (instruments) and N.T. McAdams (vocals), both members of the American band Black Breathe, the project unveiled its debut EP, Dead Obelisk, on Hot Mass Records in 2023.

Ethereal Appear, the first track, begins with a few strange sampled stabs before letting jerky Death Melodic roots strike, accompanied by that very long, visceral howl. Those familiar with the style will easily identify the duo’s influences, and the mix proves solid from start to finish, letting piercing harmonics accompany the energetic rhythm, which continues on the short Dead Obelisk, the eponymous composition, which takes a similar approach. The sound softens with the solo, but strengthens with a Thrash pattern on this moshpart that will undoubtedly break necks, then the band segues into Dream of the Stellar Horde I [Canticle of War], which begins with rainy keyboards, followed by that mysterious clean guitar. Saturation returns to lend its abrasive tones to the rhythm while remaining fairly calm, creating an interesting and heady contrast before double kick unifies the violence in the company of raw screams. The Old School mix perfectly matches the aggression, but also the soft mysterious parts that lead us to Dream of the Stellar Horde II [Défilé Militaire], the final track, which develops majestic Industrial elements to start before letting the cutting riffs intervene to close the album with a catchy instrumental.

Come Horrid Sigil explores the world of Melodic Death with an Old School approach, making Dead Obelisk very varied. This EP still follows the style’s codes to the letter, while offering some interesting more ethereal parts.


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