Video Premiere: Vanir – Twisting The Knife

Vanir get inspired by historical facts to create “Twisting The Knife”, the first single from the Danish band’s upcoming new album. An aggressive and heavy offering, fully reflecting the violent nature of the lyrics.

Here is the story: On the evening of 7 November, King Christian summoned many Swedish leaders to a private conference at the palace. At dusk on 8 November, Danish soldiers, with lanterns and torches, entered a great hall of the royal palace and imprisoned several noble guests. Later in the evening, even more of the king’s guests were imprisoned. The following day, 9 November, a council, headed by Archbishop Trolle, sentenced the proscribed to death for being heretics. At noon, the anti-unionist bishops of Skara and Strängnäs were led out into the great square and beheaded. Fourteen noblemen, three burgomasters, fourteen town councilors and about twenty common citizens of Stockholm were then hanged or beheaded. The executions continued throughout the following day. According to the chief executioner, Jörgen Homuth, 82 people were executed.

Vanir is one of Denmark’s most prominent melodic death metal bands and has, since the band’s inception, released six full-length albums and has their seventh record ready to be
out in early 2024. Vanir has been around for more than ten years and has evolved a lot since the band’s beginning. With the last three records and now with their upcoming offering, Vanir shows
its hard edge and catchy Melodic Death Metal. A new Vanir album will be released in early 2024.

Martin Rubini – vocals
Kirk Backarach – guitar
Michael Lundquist – guitar
Mikael Christensen – bass
Jon Elmquist Schmidt – drums
Stefan Dujardin?- keyboards

Digital single:


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