Video Premiere: Vanir – One Man Army

After the historical swirl of the first single “Twisting The Knife”, VANIR now releases a new advanced song from their upcoming new studio album, both as digital single and as a lyric video!

« One Man Army is a song of Honor and Valour », the band declares. « The song is a tribute to those who fight with vigour for freedom and to defend their own. Throughout history, millions of young and old have fallen on the battlefields of what is now Europe. And for all who still need to fight to defend the freedom of nations, Sword high, headstrong, survive, and be a one-man army! »

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Video Premiere: Thorium – A Crown To Obscurity

With a 25+ year career and five studio albums released – the last of which Danmark in 2022 – Danish Death Metal veterans recently headed to South America for an epic presence in Brazil’s Setembro Negro Festival. In Carioca Club, São Paulo, they played the pack venue in a line-up that also included Sodom, Hellhammer, Bulldozer, Vulcano and Cancer, among many others.

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