Review 1967 : Céleste – Epilogue(s) – English

Céleste is ready to take its revenge with a new EP.

In early 2022, Johan Girardeau (vocals/bass), Guillaume Rieth (guitar), Antoine Royer (drums) and Sébastien Ducotte (guitar) brought us their sixth album, courtesy of Nuclear Blast. At the end of 2023, it’s with Epilogue(s) that the band once again shines.

The band start their EP in a disquieting darkness with Il se vide lentement, which quickly explodes into a heavy rhythm from which screams escape to lacerate us. Dissonance and oppression naturally mingle as we move forward with scathing leads to Plisse les yeux jusqu’au sang, a vehement second composition where melancholy wears a dress of torn haunting riffs that hypnotize us in no time to the last note. With idle hands, the third and final track, is relatively special for the band: not only is it their first song in English, but it also features the vocals of Tim, lead singer of the American band Grivo, who brings an airy touch to the raw sound, softening it and making it just as enjoyable but… different.

In just under a quarter of an hour, Céleste once again manages to fascinate us. As well as adding two raw, crushing compositions to their repertoire, Epilogue(s) also opens us up to a more soothing style thanks to the guest.


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