Review 1969 : Aeon Winds – Night Sky Illuminations – English

It’s time for Aeon Winds to shine.

Formed in Slovakia in 2007 by Svarthen (vocals/guitar/keyboards/programmed drums, Distant Shapes, ex-Evil Dead, ex-Midnight Odyssey…), the band is signed to Avantgarde Music, with whom they release Night Sky Illuminations, their third album. The lyrics were written by Odolen (ex-Evil Dead, ex-Karpathia, ex-Necroheresy), who previously worked as a bassist.

Night Sky Illuminations, the first track, immediately takes us into a dreamlike world, thanks to ethereal keyboards, quickly followed by soaring riffs and ghostly howls. A few epic leads guide the way, shading the waves of pure aggression that will subside on the first part of Opus Coronation, before being able to ignite again thanks to a majestic sound where harmonics emerge from time to time. Vocals are also more subdued, contributing to the haunting yet melodious atmosphere, before Of Revenants and Apparitions returns to more raw sounds, sometimes accompanied by impressive backing vocals. The sound remains constant, even allowing itself a few less frantic parts to bring the occult elements to the fore, then the musician allows us to catch our breath with Stellar Transcendence, an instrumental composition that emphasizes the softer tones he will develop. The infernal screams immediately return on Primordial Fire, which also features a few clean vocal parts and much softer and catchier soaring moments, creating an interesting contrast between the two complementary yet opposing parts, before darkness gradually invades Blazing Monuments, whose long introduction finally takes us to the heart of the storm. Clean sound makes the quiet parts ominous, but the track is long, and the fury doesn’t fail to take its place again before Moonglow wraps us in his keyboards, followed by motivated drums opening the doors to this ravaged landscape destined to close the album with a permanently epic and heady mix.

The physical version contains an additional track, called Nox Aeterna, which returns in a kind of slow and heavy torpor mainly led by the keyboards, to finally offer more joyful tones on the final.

If you want a soaring mental experience, Aeon Winds is one of the best choices you can make. Night Sky Illuminations must be listened to in one go, to truly understand and embrace the journey it proposes.


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