Review 1976 : Martyrdoom – As Torment Prevails – English

Second album for Polish band Martyrdoom.

Formed in 2010 (under the name Deathlust), the band first released a split with Ezkaton, followed by a demo. 2017 marks the release of their debut album on the Memento Mori label, with whom Sociak (vocals/bass), Greg (guitar, Abominated), Wasyl (drums) and Marol (guitar, Abominated, ex-Ezkaton) re-sign to announce As Torment Prevails in 2023.

The album kicks off with Voidcreeper, which quickly reveals its dark oppressive tones coupled with heavy but effective Death Metal. The morbid vocal parts perfectly fit the cavernous dissonant ambience, whether in a high or slower tempo, then the band stays in the aggressive tones with 93, a fairly short composition with Old School patterns that doesn’t hesitate to place disturbing sounds in its march. Katatonic Ascension of Cirrhosis plunges us back into darkness before the slowness suffocates us with sticky Death/Doom roots and heady screaming harmonics, leading into the ferocious Purtenance, which once again lets the musicians run wild with a catchy rhythm. The leads lend intriguing hues to the ambient savagery, as on Shedding of the Soul, which develops thick, groovy riffs while screams offer explosions of violence in this seemingly endless and jerky flow. It will eventually disappear into the distance, giving way to Torment, a long minute of hazy dissonance leading into Festering Existence and its touches of vivid complexity that the band grafts onto a devastating rhythmic pattern. Vociferations continue to appear regularly, punctuating the various aggressive waves before Garden of Flesh sets its haunting melodies hypnotizing us before returning to more raw sounds, whether at full speed or at a more moderate pace. The band closes its album with In the Grip of Winter, a cover of American legend Autopsy, whose sound is relatively similar, easily ensuring a quality sound.

Martyrdoom know how to make themselves heard with heavy, oppressive riffs, but also with regular spikes of greasy violence. As Torment Prevails will ensure the band’s recognition on the scene.


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