Review 1980 : Serpents Oath – Revelation – English

Third act for Serpents Oath.

Formed in Belgium in 2020 by Tes Re Oth (vocals, Insanity Reigns Supreme), Daenum (guitar) and Draghul (drums), the band released their debut album the same year. Baelus (guitar, Nyrak) and Mørkald (bass) joined their ranks during the creation of the second album, and the musicians signed to Odium Records in 2023 to present Revelation, their third creation.

The artwork is once again signed by Mexican artist Néstor Ávalos (Bloodbath, Churchburn, Drudensang, Eleine, Mercyless, Nervochaos…).

Invocatio Genesis immediately plunges us into the ritualistic atmosphere, which is broken by the raw power of Blood Covenant, a martial track with icy leads that naturally blend with possessed vociferations. The band’s dark and unhealthy roots allow for some slower, contemplative passages, letting dissonance lead us into the next wave of rage before Gateways To Tiamat lets its occult sounds invade the atmosphere, making it as heavy as aggressive. Solid rhythms ensure the cutting melodies a constant devastating basis, whether in the fastest or throbbing passages, and then Purification Through Fire comes in for the full force of the frantic introduction. Old School influences are definitely highlighted on this track, which doesn’t hesitate to throw in some catchy parts before loading up again, then fading out on Invocatio Apocalypsis, an interlude where a few sounds lead us into the virulent Beyond the Void, which sets the tone right from the start. The composition is openly one of the most crushing on the album, whether thanks to its relentless blast or its furious howls, but the band will grant us a short respite before moving on to Drakonian Gnosis, where the previous track’s power meets more airy elements and bewitching harmonics as the vocalist unleashes his fury. Path Of The Serpent features a disquieting yet fascinating introduction that sweeps us off our feet before letting the musicians return to their usual occult fury, but we’ll also notice this bewitching break before a hazy final, followed by Invocatio Resurrectio, the final interlude where oppression reigns. The growls approach and then explode with Cult Of Death, a track in which the band delivers another fix of pure violence, sometimes accompanied by majestic keyboards in the background. Quietness briefly resurfaces to unveil Unto Typhon and its blood-curdling screams that wander throughout the track, giving it a cold touch before allowing more unifying elements to appear. The album closes with the gentle, then visceral rage of Pandaemonium, a final composition that lets the band drown us in their ocean of permanent darkness, where melodies occasionally find their way in.

The dark arts no longer hold any secrets for Serpents Oath, who with Revelation offer a raw, icy Black Metal combining devastating rhythms and scathing leads while remaining rooted in blackness.


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