Review 1994 : Dwelling Below – Dwelling Below – English

What does Dwelling Below mean to you?

Created by Jared Moran (vocals/drums, Acausal Intrusion, Occulsed), Anthony Wheeler (bass, Hollowed Idols) and Nicolas Turner (guitar, Acausal Intrusion, Sermon of Rot), the band signs to Transcending Obscurity Records for the release of Dwelling Below, their debut album.

Attraction Vulgarity opens with ominous sounds in the background, followed by an impressive rhythm that stays within this gloomy approach before welcoming massive screams and sometimes even heady leads. The band moves us forward through its veil of cavernous sounds, with some wilder accelerations that push us deeper into the darkness while exposing us to screaming harmonics’ madness, before offering us brief seconds of respite by leading us to the oppressive Swallowed and its abyssal heaviness. The strange dissonant guitar spikes and unhealthy vociferations combine quite well with the hellish rhythm where jerky riffs merge with raw eruptions, just as on Emergence Sublimation, which nevertheless offers a few more majestic elements. Lead guitar doesn’t fail to add its worrying touches, making the track even more suffocating than it already is, while planning more intense drum passages, then the album comes to an end with the diversified influences of Sheltered Acceptance, which while remaining in tenebrous sonorities, will place sharper or more melodious leads to create a new contrast with its raw, aggressive basis, which continues to crush us no matter the rhythm before deliverance.

Composed of experienced musicians, Dwelling Below strikes hard with an as unhealthy and oppressive as heavy and controlled debut album. Every Dwelling Below riff has a single purpose: to sink us into darkness forever.


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