Review 1997 : Slow – Abimes I – English

Slow revives.

Born in 2007 from the mind of Déhà (all instruments/vocals, Wolvennest, Cult of Erinyes, Yhdarl, Maladie, Imber Luminis, Drache, Herzog…), joined by Lore (lyrics/bass/vocals, ex-Ter Ziele) in 2017, the project unveils after four years of silence Abimes I, its eighth album, on code666.

Deeply rooted in Funeral Doom, the album features four long tracks, following a slow, suffocating rhythm over which the musician lays his otherworldly howls. The first track, Implode, is immediately melancholic, letting its leads get lost in this picture of impressive darkness, strengthened by more ethereal keyboards that lead to Barren and its more measured debut. The cavernous cries will of course resurface, punctuating the desolate landscape with majestic orchestrations, while a few harmonics appear from time to time before disappearing again, buried by the mass of sound before Abyss presents us with much deeper, almost frightening tones. Although similar to the previous tracks, the riffs seem to be inhabited by an almost palpable, crushing anguish, which is to be found in every element of this composition, and will barely subside until the arrival of Collapse, the album’s final track, which allows the melodies to become more soaring while remaining anchored in this obscure slowness, despite a few salvific pauses.

Slow has one and only one objective with Abimes I: to suffocate us to unconsciousness, only releasing its grip on rare occasions as the orchestrations carry us off into nothingness.


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