Review 2000 : Kryptoxik Mortality – Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation – English

Don’t expect to stand still with Kryptoxik Mortality.

Hailing from the USA, the band made up of Brian Ferrell (vocals), Kaleb Luetke (guitar), Caleb Keller (bass) and Joseph Tyler (drums) have signed with Comatose Music to announce Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation, their second album.

With its eleven tracks and almost thirty-three minutes, the album promises to be no slouch, and this becomes immediately clear after the introductory sample of Outer Dimensional Gateway, which replaces the screams of terror with massive groovy riffs. Initially rather slow, they accelerate a bit thanks to the blast before giving way to Fetid Human Incubation, which confirms the band’s Old School orientation with its wild vociferations. The rhythm section remains constantly effective, ensuring continuous moshparts before giving way to Impending Monolithic Desolation and its roaring bass, which ensures that the jerky riffs have a crushing but still energetic sound, which can also be found on Ingesting the Wretched and its catchy patterns inhabited by thick vocal parts. Fragmented Atmospheric Ingress offers regular blast eruptions, but the track is also punctuated by a few breaks, the last of which gives way to Extraterrestrial Desecration, which adds a few screaming harmonics to its violence, perfectly complementing the heavy sounds. Fiendish Amalgamations adds a touch of complexity between demonstrations of pure rage and explosive moshparts, before Metaphysical Dissection slows a bit down without losing any of its strike force. Don’t expect the band to soften up on Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation, which uses much the same elements as the previous track to continue the carnage, or on Multiversal Enigmatic Deformities, which is much heavier, but still unfurls its heaviness at every turn. The album comes to a close with Fractured Molecule Deconstruction, the shortest track on the album, emphasizing the vocalist’s roar while allowing the guitar a few wild strokes.

Kryptoxik Mortality is not the band to choose to start a diet, so much so that it spreads a permanent thickness on Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation. The recipe still works just as well for Brutal/Slam Death Metal.


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