Review 2031 : Panzerchrist – All Witches Shall Burn – English

Panzerchrist confirms its comeback with a new EP.

Barely six months after their eighth album, the Danish band comprising Panzergeneral (keyboards/bass, ex-Illdisposed), Frederik O’Carroll (guitar, Mordulv), Danni Jelsgaard (drums, Vansind, ex-Svartsot), Danny Bo Pedersen (guitar, ex-Arsenic Addict) and Sonja Rosenlund Ahl (vocals, ex-Arsenic Addict) unveil All Witches Shall Burn, in collaboration with Emanzipation Productions, to kick off 2024.

The band attacks with Sabbath Of The Rat, an as unhealthy as effective track, highlighting Black Metal influences in its leads before letting the ferocious growls come into play. The fast aggressive basis allows the band to develop sharp tones to accompany the blast, not forgetting a few more melodious parts, before letting A Stone For The Graveless take over with a slower and more ominous approach. Harmonics strengthen the dark mysterious tones, and the haunting effect continues as drums explode, letting the track accelerate all at once as it leads us into Satan Is Among Us, a composition breathing darkness at every turn. The addition of vocal parts makes the track even more intense and heavy, complementing the heady guitars before She’s A Witch closes this new chapter in as eerie as majestic darkness, including noises, keyboards and a few words in the distance.

Panzerchrist are determined to show us that their comeback is real, with an album and an EP both of equally high quality. All Witches Shall Burn brings us new effective compositions in the same unhealthy vein we’ve come to know them for.


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