Review 2047 : Resin Tomb – Cerebral Purgatory – English

Resin Tomb will bury you under their debut album.

Since 2019 in Australia, the band comprising Matthew Budge (vocals, Consumed, Siberian Hell Sounds), Matt Gordon (guitar), Brendan Auld (guitar, Consumed, Daedric Armour, Descent, Snorlax, Siberian Hell Sounds), Mitch Long (bass, Consumed) and Perry Vedelago (drums, Siberian Hell Sounds) has been building a reputation in the Sludge/Death scene. In 2024, they announce the release of Cerebral Purgatory on Transcending Obscurity Records.

The band attack with Dysphoria, a first as aggressive as chaotic track, blending Death’s raw violence of with Sludge’s heaviness and including infernal howls. The song is relatively fast-paced, but is followed by Flesh Brick, an equally crushing second one blending the same elements at breakneck speed under a veil of impenetrable and incredibly dark saturation, before dissonance subsides ever so slightly on the introduction to Scalded, which finally explodes after a short while, returning to its ripping mass. The track still features an ominous break that contrasts with the uninterrupted violence, then the final allows us a brief moment of respite before Cerebral Purgatory takes over with a much more Progressive approach, letting the elements arrive one by one and slowly ignite to fuel the storm of fury. The sound breaks up to let Human Confetti couple the devastating basis with heady leads to create an ominous result that will again explode and show us its ferocity, then adopt a more haunting approach also found on Purge Fluid and its worked airy guitars. The track is slightly catchier, but keeps its power and filthy tones, giving way only at the last moment to Concrete Crypt, which also integrates a few gentle harmonics with massive and extremely saturated and sometimes even screaming riffs. The plunge into the abyss comes to an end with Putrescence, a final composition that finishes us off by coupling the rhythmic flow with ominous, sharp notes, giving it a dark relief.

I didn’t know what to expect, as I listened to Resin Tomb for the first time, and I was stunned by Cerebral Purgatory. In half an hour, the band rolls over us and literally vomits all their raw strength in our faces. An incredible experience.


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