Review 2069 : Stages of Decomposition – Raptures of Psychopathy – English

Stages of Decomposition once again express violence.

Ten years after their debut album, Salvador Rodriguez (bass/vocals, Exhumer), Daniel Smoo (drums/vocals, Exhumer, Profanacion, Lithopaedia), Cesar Barajas (guitar) and Marco Aromatario (guitar, Exhumer, ex-Corpsefucking Art) unveil Raptures of Psychopathy, their second album, on Gore House Productions.

The band forget all traces of gentleness as soon as Drilling Of The Cerebellum begins, first with the descriptive sample of a crime scene, then with violent unstoppable Old School riffs. Screams and infrabass reinforce the obvious violence, which is echoed with the same power on What Lies Within, with its chopped-up patterns beneath the greasy rhythmic surge. The track seems to be made up of a collection of moshparts, to which are added the savage vocal parts, then it’s on to Beast of Jersey that the band follow up, all the while remaining anchored in this thick energetic sound that will have no trouble seducing fans of raw violence. The band allows us a moment’s respite with the sample that begins Killing Under Possession, but the blast and ranting quickly take their place again to trample us thanks to catchy, groovy riffs, then with Murder By Proxy and its chaotic approach thanks to sharp, jerky leads. The infrabass adds that touch of massive heaviness that carries over to Skid Row Slasher and its impressive rhythm that doesn’t leave us a moment to catch our breath. There’s no time to lose either with Carve Out The Eyes, a short track that lets the drums set the pace for devastating sonic assaults where guitars and screams answer each other with ease, then Fetal Devourment lets horror take possession of the composition’s first moments before letting the musicians unleash their usual power. Rage is immediately brought back to life with Crawl Space Burial, a composition that at first seems very regular, slowing down to become heavier before accelerating again, then Human Extermination places its devastating touches of fury at full speed, even integrating a few more complex patterns to feed violence. The album closes with Mass Psychosis, a track where blast and ultra-fast riffs quickly replace the sample, ending in a rousing moshpart, finally blown away by the infrabass.

If you like Brutal Death, you’ll love Raptures of Psychopathy. Why should you? Stages of Decomposition takes all the elements of this style and aligns them under a thick greasy Old School mix, nothing more, nothing less!


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