Review 2079 : Inquisition – Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence – English

After silence comes Inquisition.

Since its debut in 1988 under the name Guillotina, the Colombian band has evolved. From Thrash to Black Metal, the duo led by Dagon (guitar/vocals) and Incubus (drums) announced the release of Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence, their ninth album, on Agonia Records in 2024.

Inquisition is known for its uniqueness within the Black Metal scene, an element that earns it both adoration and detestation. For my part, I’m delighted to rediscover Dagon‘s singular vocals, proclaiming rather than shouting his devotion to the Evil One throughout these thirteen relatively short new tracks, but which keep the duo’s touch. The mix remains resolutely Old School and very raw, making the blast basis very rough and aggressive compared to the occult and haunting leads that haunt the abyssal darkness, as we notice from Witchcraft Within a Gothic Tomb, the first track, immediately inscribing the album in weighing sonorities. Although each track has been created as a tribute to dark forces, we have some mysterious guitar tones on Force of Death Is the Force of Life, and a special melancholy to Memories Within an Empty Castle in Ruins, with its airy harmonics coupled with a slower basis. I also noticed this heady slowness on Primordial Philosophy and Pure Spirit, a particularly melodious composition, as well as on Pathway of Light Is a Pathway to Fire, a soothing interlude that contrasts with the stream of dark riffs the musicians spread. Light of My Dark Essence also sounds like a lament, but the band quickly reverts to fury before the album ends on the majestic Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence, followed by Lord of Absolute Darkness and Infinite Light, an outro with Dungeon Synth roots to great effect.

To be honest, the first listen didn’t convince me. But on the second listen, Inquisition once again captivated me with its dark riffs and mystical touch, resonating harmonics and occult lyrics like never before. Veneration of Medieval Mysticism and Cosmological Violence is a worthy successor to this dark lineage.


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