Review 2092 : Slaughterror – Endless Lust for Gore – English

Slaughterror began its career with an EP.

Formed in Finland in 2022, the band comprising Okko Solanterä (vocals, Horizon Ignited), Saku Moilanen (guitar, Red Moon Architect) and Juuso Turkki (bass, One Morning Left) signed to Noble Demon for the release of Endless Lust for Gore.

The trio immediately attack with Incarnation, an aggressive, uncompromising opener that anchors the band in a relatively groovy Old School Death Metal that rages with massive salvos of howling. Ominous leads eventually join the onslaught led by the savage blast, then the band continues to hit us with Victim, letting the solid basis advance by exploiting its catchy influences before letting Endless Lust For Gore take over with more ominous elements. Worked guitars mingle with the effective rhythm, adding a touch of darkness with dissonant leads, then it’s with the jerky approach of I Am Death, the final track, that the band show us their raw power one last time before letting oppression reign on the slower final.

Slaughterror‘s influences are undoubtedly found in the USA, and it’s with a perfect mix for its bloody riffs that the band unveils its first production. I sincerely hope Endless Lust for Gore is just the first of many!


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