Review 2094 : Morta Skuld – Creation Undone – English

Morta Skuld continues its resurrection.

Formed in 1990 in the USA, the band made a name for itself on the Death Metal scene before ceasing operations in 1998, after four albums, two splits and two demos. In 2012, Dave Gregor (guitar/vocals) got back into the swing of things, and it’s with Eric House (drums, ex-Jungle Rot), Scott Willecke (guitar) and John Hill (bass) that he announced twelve years later the release of Creation Undone, the combo’s seventh album, on Peaceville Records.

From the very first track, We Rise We Fall, it’s clear that the band hasn’t lost its roots, revealing a savage Old School approach of Death Metal with effective riffs complemented by a touch of groove at times. The vocals follow this crushing dynamic led by a massive double kick, then the band follows up with a darker touch on the introduction to The End Of Reason, followed by a wave of raw violence that becomes much more jerky afterwards, as on Painful Conflict which immediately starts afterwards without an ounce of mercy and continuously bludgeons us. The band doesn’t take a break either with Unforeseen Obstacles and its unstoppable rhythm punctuated by vocal eruptions and cutting harmonics, but also with groovier parts like on Perfect Prey, which also develops a piercing guitar approach to complement its catchy riffs. We find a hint of technicality on Soul Piercing Sorrow and its frantic parts, creating a contrast with the more imposing, slightly slower palm-mute-packed moments, while dissonance takes the main role on Into Temptation, bringing together fast stunned riffs. The macabre solo lends a completely different tone to this assault, which continues with a touch of melancholy on Self Destructive Emotions, though this doesn’t prevent the track from being solid at times, or from following on with tortured harmonics and then accelerating to Oblivion and its controlled eruptions of rage between two heartfelt moshparts. The sound gradually fades out, leaving By Design to add that greasy, heavy touch to a suffocating rhythm to close the album, while occasionally including a few more energetic parts to keep the pressure on.

Veterans Morta Skuld still have a bright future ahead of them, proving with Creation Undone that their Death Metal is still as effective, aggressive and oppressive as it was thirty years ago. A fine time capsule.


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