Review 2112 : Fange – Perdition – English

Fange tells us about the end of the world.

Active since 2013, the band led by Matthias Jungbluth (vocals), Benjamin Moreau (guitar/vocals), Antoine Perron (bass/vocals) and Titouan le Gal (guitar/vocals, Acedia Mundi, Epectase, ex-Filthcult, ex-Etxegiña) unveil this year Perdition, their seventh album, on Throatruiner.

Industrial influences first come to the fore on opening track Césarienne Au Noir, but these are soon combined with a heavy rhythm and raw screams. The band also introduces much more ethereal tones, whether in guitars or vocals, creating a sort of bewitching complementarity with the abrasive jerky basis that climaxes on the final before giving way to Mauvais Vivant, a more minimalistic haunting composition leaving voice at chaos’ center. The oppressive atmosphere is ever-present, albeit occasionally soothed by a few soaring choruses, and grows stronger as it progresses, letting the saturation suffocate us before moving on to Toute Honte Bue, where clean vocals return in force thanks to Olivier Guinot (Lodges) to create waves of quietness and thus punctuate the march. The heavier elements bring the majestic dimension to the track, while the very short Foudres Fainéantes is much more threatening from its opening moments, especially thanks to the noises in the background. La Haine, a Bernard Lavilliers cover, is anchored in a dark groove while featuring much more cheerful keyboards than usual, once again reinforcing the duality while creating a cold but expressive landscape, followed by Lèche-Béton, which is easily guessed to be more raw, thanks in particular to the fiery drum parts. The heady touches come from the dissonant guitar that occasionally bursts forth, while it’s with Diane Pellotieri’s voice (Pencey Sloe) that we get that comforting touch on Désunion Sacrée, the final composition, creating a vocal duet as disparate and intriguing as it is interdependent to weave this unique atmosphere while the rhythm rages on.

Fange opens up its icy oppressive universe with Perdition, its new block of hatred and stunned sounds. Each element is meticulously placed to serve the darkness the album exudes, creating an addictive auditory cataclysm.


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