Review 2119 : Angmodnes – Rot Of The Soul – English

Angmodnes unveils its new chapter.

Two years after their debut EP, Y.S. (guitar/bass/vocals, Wilds Forlorn, Apotelesma) and M.V. (drums, Apotelesma, Koudvuur, ex-Vanir) are joined by F.S. (vocals) to create Rot of the Soul, released by Tragedy Productions and Meuse Music Records.

The band welcomes us with Beneath and its majestic choruses, which transform into a haunting multi-part lament accompanied by airy leads and a slow but massive rhythm. Whispers slightly darken the atmosphere, which becomes heavier again with the return of saturation, paving the way for an intense final accompanied by cries of despair before The Hours unveils its gentle melancholy, quickly tinged with darkness thanks to cavernous howls. Despair also emerges between calm riffs thanks to clear vocals, but keyboards add their luminous touch to the cloud of ambient sadness, disturbed by faster drums that precede Agony of the Sun and its reassuring piano, which the blast will crush. The virulent vocal parts are the perfect complement to the rhythmic fury, which is destined to soften or strengthen as it follows the vocal harmonies, then the sound becomes more mysterious with Stagnant. Riffs riffs remain slow and heady at first, letting the plaintive vocals take on a life of their own before becoming heavier and more rhythmic, sometimes even offering slightly jerky patterns to create additional dissonance with the soothing backing vocals on this « short » composition, which leads us to Rot of the Soul, the eponymous track whose oppression is the first to appear. The track is one of the most contrasting, letting a desperate sample appear during the long piano break before returning to its ocean of haunting saturation where vocals predominate, transforming the atmosphere as they please, to better watch it die in silence.

Angmodnes plays with melancholy and despair to offer us five new majestic and gripping compositions. Rot Of The Soul is sure to appeal to Doom fans, while alternating all its vocals with impressive mastery.


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