Review 2124 : Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria – English

Lutharo is reborn.

Formed in 2012 as Incarnadine, then after ten years as Lutharö, the Canadian band comprising Krista Shipperbottom (vocals), Victor Bucur (guitar), Chris Pacey (bass) and Cory Hofing (drums, Crimson Shadows, Unbowed) sign to Atomic Fire Records (now Reigning Phoenix Music) for their change of identity and the release of Chasing Euphoria, their second album.

The album kicks off with Gates of Enchantment, an ominous introduction that turns epic before giving way to Reaper’s Call with vivid melodies and a bestial howl. Saturated and clean vocals mingle with frantic riffs to carry us through to the unifying chorus, then Ruthless Bloodline hits with a jerky rhythm and aggressive Old School influences. Clean vocals once again soften the vindictive atmosphere, in the company of heady leads, before giving in to melancholy with Time to Rise and its high-contrast sounds allowing the musicians to regularly explode, as in the worked solo. Born to Ride follows with intense unifying Power Metal influences, making the composition a genuine invitation to hit the road while savoring the screaming melodies, then it’s back to rage and catchy tones with Bonded to the Blade. The mix hits the nail on the head once again, striking the perfect balance between pure violence and driving harmonies, while letting the vocalist run wild at times, before Chasing Euphoria, the eponymous track, offers a more measured approach punctuated by more energetic passages. Creating a King develops an initially more mysterious ambience before releasing the reins between the choruses, then it’s with Strong Enough to Fall that the band returns to a motivating, more accessible rhythm, punctuated by bursts of vigor. Paradise or Parasite adopts raw roots borrowed from more modern styles, topped by majestic keyboards, then it’s with the long Freedom of the Night that the band carries us through its final riffs, once again testifying to the extreme contrast the musicians handle with ease.

Lutharo perfectly knows how to use Melodic Death’s rage and Power Metal’s might while moderating them with more ethereal influences to make Chasing Euphoria a rhythmic, contrasting album. No doubt it will open new doors for them!


Version Française ?

Few questions to Krista Shipperbottom, vocalist of the Canadian Melodic Death Metal band Lutharo.

Hello and first of all, thank you very much for your time! Could you please introduce yourself and the band Lutharo without using the usual musical labels?
Krista Shipperbottom (vocals): Hello! I am Krista and “the eccentric” is a nicer way of describing myself. Lutharo also consists of Victor “the brainchild”, Cory “the beard” and Chris “the dad”.

What does Lutharo mean, and how is the link with the music you create?
Krista: Lutharo is an elvish word meaning “the enchanter”. I guess you could say we “enchant” people with our music.

The band’s new album, Chasing Euphoria, will come out in a few months. How do you feel about it? Do you already have any feedback?
Krista: We are SUPER excited for the release of Chasing Euphoria! We’ve already recieved tons of amazing feedback from fans regarding our current released singles and can’t wait to see what they have to say about the album as a whole.

How would you sum Chasing Euphoria’s identity up in only three words?
Krista: Enchanting, passionate and vigorous.

How did the creation process happen for Chasing Euphoria? Did you notice some changes, compared to the previous records?
Krista: The creation was pretty similar to our last records. We all locked ourselves in the jam space and wrote everything together. The biggest difference however, was the time constraint and how much more we were willing to experiment. We’ve come a long way as musicians and with this record, we felt comfortable enough pulling out some new techniques we’ve kept on the back burner.

What about the artwork, what were the guidelines and how do they fit with the music you created?
Krista: So the artwork creation was really serendipitous actually. With an album title inmind, we contacted Niklas Sundin because we fell in love with the work he had done for Dark Tranquility and Arch Enemy. However, hiring him to construct something from the ground up was a little over our budget so he let us in on a piece he had previously designed that did not have a home yet. As soon as we seen it we knew it was Chasing Euphoria and had to have it.

The band’s sound is made of solid rhythm parts, a vocal alternance between fury and heady ones, sharp leads and epic melodies. How do you manage to find the right balance between every element?
Krista: It’s really just going with our gut instinct. I think this is something that sets us apart as a band. We focus less on logic and more on how the song makes us feel.

We also feel a lot of contrast between wild Melodic Death and epic Power Metal, which bands could you highlight as your influences?
Krista: Each member of the band has SO many different influences and musical tastes. But, I think we can all agree on Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and Iron Maiden.

Do you have a favorite song on this album? Or maybe the hardest one to achieve for the album?
Krista: My favourite song on Chasing Euphoria has to be Time to Rise. Not only did I get to show off so many different textures of my voice, but this song holds a lot of emotion and deep meaning for me.

Where do you find your inspiration to create music?
Krista: I’ve wanted to sing/create music basically since I could speak. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact inspiration, I feel as though I was just born with it. 

The band teams up with record label Atomic Fire, how is the collaboration with them?
Krista: It’s been great so far! They have an awesome team and have been amazing to work with. We think it’s a fantastic fit!

Do you think you improved yourself as a musician and songwriter with this new record?
Krista: For sure! I feel as though I really came out of my shell with this record. All of the things I would have shied away from in the past I finally had the guts to execute.

I actually never had the opportunity to see Lutharo on stage, how do you see a Lutharo show from your end? How do you feel on stage?
Krista: A Lutharo show is usually jam packed with energy and raw passion! On stage I usually start off incredibly nervous but then by the first song, I let loose and just completely immerse myself into the crowd.

What would be the next step for Lutharo?
Krista: Hopefully way more touring and some new music!

Are there any musicians or artists you would like to collaborate with? Whether it is for one song, or maybe more.
Krista: That’s a loaded question! I think every member would have a different answer to this so it’s hard to say!

Maybe you know the French Metal scene? Are there any bands you know and like?
Krista: We actually had the chance to play with the French band Aephanemer back in 2019 and that was a great experience! They are a killer band!

If you had to organize a concert for Chasing Euphoria’s release show, which bands would you love to play with? I let you create a poster with Lutharo and three other bands!
Krista: We already have a CD release show planned and it consists of us and: Bad Communication, The Barrel Rejects and our friends from Toronto, Ammo!

Last and funny question: which dish would you compare Lutharo’s music with?
Krista: Probably a soup or a salad because it’s a ton of ingredients mixed into one dish.

That was the last question for me, so thank you very much for your time and your music, last words are yours!
Krista: Thank you so much! And thank you to everyone for supporting us, we hope you love the new album!

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