Review 2145 : Above Aurora – Myriad Woes – English

Above Aurora stands out for its consistency.

Formed in 2015 in Poland by V. (guitar/bass/vocals, Vonlaus) and O. (drums, ex-Cancerfaust, ex-Martwa Aura) the band released their debut album the following year. In 2024, the duo unveil their third album, Myriad Woes, on War Anthem Records.

Inner Whispers opens in anguish with oppressive keyboards, followed by a very minimalist, melancholy approach rooted in Funeral Doom. A sampled vocal accompanies the few guitar notes, which eventually ignite into tortured dissonant tones that come in waves, leaving a sense of calm before being swept away again by a devastating instrumental. A few sampled lyrics energize the track for a final jolt before giving way to the suffocating Spark, where Black Metal roots and rocky screams join the impressive virulent rhythm. Cold sharp leads give a stinging relief to the impenetrable riffs as they join Efforts To Fail, where vocal parts strengthen much rawer tones to this enchanting and mysterious instrumental where harmonics are constantly flying whatever the pace. The sound becomes ominous again when Horns Of Dread begins, developing a gloomy gothic atmosphere which then becomes heavier and more dissonant, gradually locking us into oppression before giving way to No More Shall The Boulder Descend, the final composition, which follows a similar construction to the first, using sampled vocals to progress into the darkness before letting howls and haunting riffs work and orchestrate our fall into oblivion.

Above Aurora‘s sound is veiled in a heavy, oppressive and unfathomable darkness. Black and Doom influences are easily identifiable, but Myriad Woes remains a highly mysterious album that will frighten as much as it fascinates.


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