Review 2152 : The Rottening – Seeds of Death – English

The Rottening proudly present Seeds of Death, their debut EP.

After their first demo, unveiled in 2023, the band, made up of four former Intestinal members, guitarists Niklas Lindberg and Johan Widlund, bassist Johan Thorsell and drummer Jonas Liimatainen, as well as vocalist Herman Hermansson (Fornhem), cooperate with Personal Records for this release.

The EP opens with Ode To Rot, a composition where every second and every instrument smacks of Old School Death Metal. Wild aggressive growls meet an abrasive rhythm and some disturbing tortured leads, and then Starless Void kicks in to create a catchy sound beneath the characteristic sizzle of their Swedish roots. The guitars bring a few lighter harmonics to the efficient march that leads us, after an acceleration, to Silence Of Your God, the next track, which moves back into darkness while continuing to develop a brutal approach. The rare moments when the musicians slow down immediately become heavier, confirming once again the threatening atmosphere in which the band evolves before giving way to Maleficarum, where the mysterious dissonant sound first takes its place. The rhythm becomes more energetic while retaining its thick touch, and then ignites towards the final, unleashing all its fury thanks to lively drums to lead us to Seeds Of Death, the eponymous composition, which brings the EP to a close with its jerky riffs complemented by a fresh dose of powerful vocal parts.

The Rottening effortlessly wield their Old School roots to create a sticky Death Metal in the purest Swedish tradition. Seeds of Death doesn’t herald any revival of the style, but rather good riffs like they used to make thirty years ago!


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