Review 2163 : Necrot – Lifeless Birth – English

Necrot stays in the course with its third album.

Led by Luca Indrio (guitar/vocals/bass, ex-Acephalix, ex-Vastum), Chad Gailey (drums, Mortuous, Stormkeep, Vastum) and Sonny Reinhardt (guitar, Saviours, Vorlust), Lifeless Birth is released by Tankcrimes almost four years after its predecessor.

The band strikes hard right from Cut the Cord, an uncompromising rocky-sounding opening track that lets us discover or rediscover their Old School jerky Death Metal approach, topped by powerful vocal parts. The track is classic in every way, featuring a few sharp leads before giving way to Lifeless Birth and its heavy tones, creating a contrast with the more soaring harmonics but also with the solos’ Heavy roots, which settles into a solid rhythm at full speed. Superior immediately follows with a new wave of fast blast-fueled sounds and the most aggressive influences, but it’s the regularity of the bludgeoning that really stands out. The tempo barely slows down when the bloody guitars appear, while Drill the Skull offers a much choppier sound from its very first notes, letting the band develop its grooviest, catchiest riffs, making even the choruses very unifying. The trio ignites in the middle of the track with a livelier explosion, but the slowness returns to the fore before Winds of Hell takes over, adding a touch of complexity that perfectly matches the vindictive mood. The musicians add a touch of mystery to their malevolent assault with Dead Memories, but the solo adds some surprisingly melodic elements before The Curse closes the album with more than eight minutes of Death Metal, first very massive, then tinged with a certain disquieting gentleness before returning to its cruising rhythm.

For their third album, Necrot have remained true to their Old School roots. In seven compositions, Lifeless Birth offers forty minutes of devastating sound and heavy riffs that will have many aficionados shaking their heads!


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