Review 2174 : Uttertomb – Nebulas Of Self-Desecration – English

Uttertomb has completed its debut album.

Formed in 2009 under the name Ultratomb, the Chilean band led by AV (drums, Putrid Evocation, Negative or Nothing) and SS (guitar/vocals, Communion, ex-Death Vomit), completed by JR (bass, Temple) and JC (guitar, Verbum) announces after three EPs and two splits the release of Nebulas Of Self-Desecration on Pulverised Records.

The album opens with Nec Spe Nec Metu, a well-known Latin motto to which the band offers an ominous first riff, leading us into Exhumation Of The Womb’s Splendour, where Black/Death influences join a frantic rhythm. The cavernous vocal parts perfectly complement the oppressive atmosphere the musicians develop, while keeping a very dark approach even during the mysterious break, which is also felt on Graceless Thaumaturgy, which adopts similar sonorities. Sharp leads are integrated into the wild acceleration, while more heady ones are perfect for the slowness that leads into the equally heavy Opisthotonic Funerals, which combines haunting tones with jerky patterns anchored in a suffocating Death/Doom, which continues during the central blaze. Aurora Cruoris offers us a few airy seconds before letting the blast crush us again, letting the rhythmic flow spill out at full speed, using screaming harmonics to populate their waves of violence followed by Seraphobia, an as powerful as majestic true hurricane. The track slows down while remaining anguishing, using its Black Metal roots to adorn itself in a bewitching darkness that is also found on Ominous Flesh Relinquishment, a rather short composition that envelops us in a tenebrous veil to better strike without mercy. Nebulas Of Self-Desecration, the eponymous track, is the last to nail us to the ground with its unpredictable, impetuous mix of rage, heaviness, darkness and more haunting tones, all of which contribute to this irrespirable atmosphere.

Rooted in Death Metal but not hesitating to dip into Black and Doom, Uttertomb makes Nebulas Of Self-Desecration a receptacle of unfathomable blackness, where riffs continuously explode and fall.


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