Review 2176 : Filth – Southern Hostility – English

Filth stays true to the basics.

Since its first track in 2015, Filth has drawn inspiration from both Deathcore and Hip-Hop to create its music. In 2024, Dustin Jamal Mitchell (vocals), David Gantt (guitar), Austin Fortenberry (bass) and Alex Huss (drums) unveiled Southern Hostility, their third album.

Although I’ve never been a fan of Hip-Hop, I decided to take the plunge, given the positive feedback I’ve been hearing about the band over the past few years. And as surprising as it may seem, the two styles blend very naturally! The contrast between the heavy riffs and the mysterious groove is truly effective, letting the band alternate and then combine their influences to create devastating moshparts that follow one another throughout the album. As for the vocals, the massive howls are sometimes transformed into typical rapped phrasing accompanied by samples or dissonant harmonics, as on Stay Gutter, but the whole remains coherent and catchy.

There are a few touches of Nu Metal à la Korn, especially on Play Dead, where the band are accompanied by their compatriots Chelsea Grin for a wild duet, or on Chin Check, where the atmosphere takes us right into the middle of a street fight between two rival gangs. Special mention must also go to Glass House, the last track, where the riffs are pachydermic, allowing the musicians to close their album with an apocalyptic sound.

Although far removed from my usual tastes, Filth offers us a raw album with solid roots that complement each other perfectly. Southern Hostility will make you mosher and motivate you for the day!


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