Review 2180 : Vesperian Sorrow – Awaken the Greylight – English

Vesperian Sorrow is tired of silence.

Founded in 1994 in Texas as Unholy Descent, the band changed its name four years later. Today led by Kristoph (drums/keyboards), William (guitar), Gabe Reyes (bass), John Catts (guitar) and Orlando Logan Olivero (vocals, ex-Against the Plagues), the band unveils its sixth album, Awaken the Greylight, on Black Lion Records.

As The Pillars Were Raised opens with majestic keyboards, but the ferocious rhythm is obviously not far behind, as are the savage howls that haunt the impressive basis. Lead parts are also well handled, as are the theatrical clean vocals that soften the composition before leading us into Antediluvian – Proceeding The Unshaping, where the Black Metal roots become much more prominent, darkening the sound with chilling guitars. The band also relies on many other influences to complete its picture, with ominous elements such as on An Epistle To The Prime Vivified, where a jerky rhythm tempers raw fury. A few spikes of violence disturb the tranquility of the track, which is populated by howls but also by a firmer more motivating clear voice. Then, with a crystalline sound, Traverse The Vorthonian Passage hypnotizes us, creating a real contrast with the rest of the track, which alternates between grandiose parts worthy of the great operas and plunges into darkness. The sound slows down before reaching A Dire Flight for the Black Fragment, where the magic happens again, naturally blending all the elements in a rather melancholy approach, totally opposed to Seek the Last Priestess of Tyyk and its immediate destructive power, which the band will eventually tint with a more melodic touch. They Beheld the Chainbreaker’s Crowning Defiance returns in icy tones, coupled with overdriven drums, allowing the different types of vocals to evolve before a soaring break. The finale carries us through to Who Dwells Whithin The Blight Moon, where the musicians once again pour out their wrath between enchanting keyboards that become almost playful on The Excillion Ontogenesis, the next composition, fueling again the gap between the different tracks. Awaken the Greylight brings the album to a close, combining brutality and heavy orchestration to create the final unifying passage.

Like an opera, Vesperian Sorrow takes us on a journey through Awaken the Greylight, with its many twists and turns and epic soundtrack. Darkness and violence are the order of the day, as are a host of surprises!


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