Review 2211 : Insanity Alert – Moshemian Trashody – English

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Insanity Alert revisits its classics with a new EP.

Five years after their last album, Heavy Kevy (vocals), Dave Dave Dave (guitar), Don Melanzani (drums), Slapmaster Puke (bass) and The Inphiltrator (guitar) take on four Rock monuments with Moshemian Trashody, released by Season of Mist.

Their first victims are Guns n’ Roses thanks to Welcome to the Moshpit, which surprisingly passes the Thrash test with flying colors! Austrian guitarist Hauwitzer lends his talents to the solo, while the musicians strive to make the song energetic with effective accelerations, then it’s on to Iron Maiden that their attention turns, with the track Beer In The Park, which also undergoes a… surprising transformation. The band sings of their love of beer, first with a haunting melody, then with sharp, jangly riffs and melodious flights of fancy that rival the unifying vocal parts, before finally reaching for the late George Michael with the (rather) melancholy Beerless Fiesta, this time recounting their drunken evening woes. The harmonic melodies projected at full speed are astonishing, but not as much as those of Moshemian Thrashody, the eponymous track, where the musicians go to bother Queen and its most famous title. The intensity is worthy of the kind of seething pit you see at every one of their concerts, and each part of the original work gets stomped on as it should with a healthy fix of clichés before the musicians deign to leave us alone.

If you can’t take a joke, stay away from Insanity Alert! With Moshemian Trashody, the band will shamelessly spice up your parents’ favorite tunes, but give them that hilarious, catchy touch that sticks to them. I can hardly believe it, but it’s a success.


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