Review 2273 : Limbonic Art – Opus Daemoniacal – English

Limbonic Art returns to the fold.

Created in 1993 by Daemon (guitar/bass/vocals, Sarcoma Inc., ex-Zyklon), the band released five albums in ten years, then disappeared. The project was reborn in 2006, then evolved into a one-man band and moved on. In 2024, after a four-year absence, Limbonic Art collaborated with Kyrck Productions & Armour to release Opus Daemoniacal, their ninth album.

Our nightmare begins as soon as Ad Astra Et Abyssos kicks off, blending a heavy atmosphere with cutting riffs and a cohort of screams marching over the mechanical drums. The Old School approach and dark mix give this track an unhealthy ambience that continues on Deify Thy Master, where violence and coldness mingle to adopt more stirring Pagan influences that enliven the track with heady tones. Consigned To The Flames feeds the spiral of negativity with scathing riffs and ominous vocal parts, creating a kind of hellish choir that carries us through to Vir Triumphalis, where the fury resurfaces. The band fully embrace their Norwegian roots, offering a very direct approach contrasted by more ethereal parts, which are also found on I Am Your Demon and its piercing melodies, where the evil atmosphere reaches its peak of blasphemy. Harmonics continue their mischief on The Wrath Of Storms, where unholy tones meet a devastating approach over a frantic rhythm as the vocalist pours out all his rage before giving way to Ars Diavoli. The final composition is by far the longest on the album with its twelve minutes, but it effortlessly explores the climates already developed on the previous tracks, whether in savagery, darkness or even slower, sometimes even majestic parts, right up to its final moments.

Limbonic Art exploits its Norwegian roots to create uncompromising Black Metal, whether in its violent approach or its unholy atmosphere. The only thing we can criticize about Opus Daemoniacal is its mechanical drums, which sometimes give the album an unnatural feel.


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