Review 2287 : Diskord/Atvm – Bipolarities – English

Did you think you knew Diskord and Atvm?

They decided to join forces. Under the name of Bipolarities, the split brings together the Norwegians and the English, who trust Transcending Obscurity Records to develop their dissonance.

We start with Diskord, who, from Onward! To Nowhere a strange, as intriguing as violent and dissonant sound, creating a palpable sense of unease within the crushing, jerky rhythm. While Death Metal roots are obviously present, one could almost sense Sludge in the heavy moments, as confirmed by Pass The Baton, before asserting its explosiveness with as complex as virulent passages, bursting into flames without warning, borrowing unexpected parts from Jazz. We continue with Shivering, As We Shed Our Hides, which takes an even messier approach with its unlikely mix of Old School Death and Prog bursts, then the violence continues with Cogged Pother, where the tangled leads bring the chaotic side to the band, who provide some truly disturbing moments without denying their aggression.

Atvm only has two tracks, but they are much longer. Cancer begins by creating a surprising environment, combining much rawer vocal parts with a more distinct sound, but equally influenced by extremes as opposite as they are complementary. The track’s technical acceleration, evoked by the bestial growls, is especially striking, as is Morphine, which, at eleven minutes long, takes us from the most violent eruptions to the limbo of a guitar-hero totally possessed by an incalculable number of spirits all playing at the same time, for the entire duration.

Diskord and Atvm unite as much in dissonance as in violence and heaviness, creating a sound that is incredibly complex and difficult to access. Bipolarities has its audience, but Progressive Death neophytes will be more than shocked on first listen.


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