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Coming from Sweden, the Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal future has a name. With Heavy Hearts, formed by Adam Svensson (voice), Emil Gustavsson (guitar), Oscar Fläring (guitar/clean voice), Magnus Källström (bass) and Pontus Lundstedt (drums) one year and a bit more ago.

Their first full-length, The Mirror’s Principle, mixes Melodic Death Metal basis and includes some modern elements to create their own style : alternate clean and saturate voice, some samplers and heavy riffs as hell… You cannot be safe after listenning to them, so be ready !

With Heavy Hearts - The Mirror's Principle

Blind Eye starts with a beautiful simplicity with a powerful riff and Adam‘s screams. The chorus includes a paired singing and usefull jerky riffs, before Black Soul. This song is filled with samplers and Melodic Death Metal orientated riffs, this song has a beautiful break with clean voice on the end. It’s one of the catchiest songs of this record.
The Mirror’s Principle highlights drums on the chorus, to frame Adam‘s voice, which is especially powerful, while Sparks focuses on samplers to give the track its rythm, and even if it’s a short track, it’s a powerful one and one of the bests. The Weak Shall Inherit The World will increase the tempo. The main riffs remind us the firsts Melodic Death tracks, but with some well placed samplers.
Solar Deity, their last lyric video, comes back on their first receipe. Modern Melodic Death Metal oriented riffs, well placed samplers, and a mix between the two voices. Everything Ends is a bit more violent, but stays in the band’s universe before Drifter. Another melodic bomb, thanks to samplers, Drifter abuses of Adam‘s and Oscar‘s voices contrast to be litteraly the best track of this record. It’s their main advantage.
The last song, Recreation Of A Mind, focuses on accoustic tones which is unusual with screaming voice, to be the most original song. A good surprise on the end of this record.
When you listen With Heavy Hearts, their sound reminds In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, The Unguided and Soilwork. It’s just their first full-length but it’s a really good one and they have a bright future in front of them ! If you don’t know what to do during the next half an hour, just listen to The Mirror’s Principle.


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