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From the kangaroo land, everybody obviously know AC/DC. From the Technical Death Metal land, everybody obviously know Nile, Necrophagist and Obscura. Let’s blend both together… Ouroboros ? Nice pick. Previously known under the name of Dred (2001 to 2009), Michael Conti (bass and vocals), David Horgan (drums), Chris Jones (guitar) and Evgeny Linnik (voice) decided to anchor the band’s sound.

After a first critically acclaimed album, Glorification Of A Myth released in 2011, they record Emmanations, the second one. Filled with symphonic samplers, but also with technicity. Still an independant band for the moment, the serpent comes back to continue its loop.

Ouroboros - Emanations

Scion starts with a lead bass part that is as inhabitual as perfect for this beginning. The band comes back with all his technicity, but also with some orchestral parts. The Sleep Of Reason is another reason to be sure that they’re really back : perfect voices, the bass sound is really distinct from the whole band sound, and a nameless violence.
Horizons is the most melodic track, and also the most epic thanks to the well placed samplers. Emanations is a track that perfectly fits in the first full-length’s mold, with numerous harmonics, while Submission highlights the magnificent introduction just before heading to technical riffs with Thrash Metal roots.
Catholicon starts with the best lead guitar part, and continues with a solid rythm riff filled with samplers to make this track as epic as a Vikings episode. Beneath Heaven’s Waves uses tempo slowdowns and accoustic riffs to make Ouroboros‘ universe alive until Amaranthine.
Amaranthine, it’s a choir introduction, an awesome rythm part and insane voices. The last track, The Amber Light, is the most extended track of this record. It allows us to operate with all their art : layered voices, clean parts, very long lead guitar parts, psychopathic rythm parts… The whole band’s universe is on this track.
Even if they’re really discreet on the worldwide scene, Ouroboros is really a Technical Death Metal heavyweight. I just hope that they can tour in Europe and that your neck is ready for the next strike !


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