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You thought that Neo Metal was dead with 2010, isn’t it ? It’s wrong, because Days Of Lost was precisely created in 2010 by Okka (guitar, ex-MyGrain) and Pasi P.T.B. (bass) in Finland. They must wait until 2014 for recruiting their drummer Catsy and their singer M.C. Violenz (ex-Odalisque, ex-Sorrow Within), and to have a serious energy boost. In 2015, they record their first album that will only be released soon. If you’re not afraid by a bit of occultism, just come in with me to read the book.

Days Of Lost - The 1st Book Of Blasphemy

The first track, Misanthrophy, quickly shows the colour. A cybernetic voice before Industrial Metal dyed riffs, with Thrash Metal influences and a clean voice that can also switch to screams. Earth Has A Cancer’s goal is to calm down heated minds , just before putting them back in the arena to finish on a fading out scream.

A child voice is a good start to begin Blasphemy Preacher because it will continue on motivating riffs, just as Drain My Colours. With a highlighted bass sound, Cold is clearly more Industrial oriented, and voice can just increase this effect. Dead Stars starts as a sort of Power Ballad, but quickly comes back to the band’s roots with a disturbing voice and sharp riffs, while Broken uses a dissonant guitar on the first seconds, with once again a huge bass sound.
Not For Human Consumption and Bad Omen are ways more Thrash Metal focused with an atmospheric voice, whereas Useless Excuse For Mankind allows us to rest a bit before the final blast. Even if some riffs are full of energy, this song is more quiet than the previouses. After more than a forty minutes war, it’s already the last song, Christfuckme. Once again, harmonics are here to calm a bit what seems to be one of the more violent tracks of this record.
I know that you rejuvenate with those finnish riffs, at least about ten years ! Nearly out from nowhere, their music has power and weirdness that we love to find in a Neo Metal or an Industrial Metal record. An awesome mix to consume without moderation !



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