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Did you ever have a first approach with a band that reaffirms itself on stage ? That’s what I felt with Gutslit two weeks ago.

An unfurling powerful wave from India which is expertly guided by Gurdip Singh Narang (bass) since 2007 that desolates everything on its way. Surrounded by Aaron Pinto (drums), Prateek Rajagopal (guitar) and Kausal LS (voice), the four-piece band make use of their resources to give us a violence-concentrate, materialized on their second full-length, Amputheatre. This record’s concept is easy : ancient torture ways. Do you fear pain ? So just straggle.

Gutslit - Amputheatre

It’s a slow beginning with Amputheatre’s sample, an introducing track. Some footsteps with chains, and the main character slowly comes in an arena that seems dangeroux. Brazen Bull’s introduction will agree with that. Riff are as heavy and as tortured as this unfortunate guy caged in the bull. Kaushal’s voice alternates between cavernous growl and crushing pig squeal , while Aaron’s strikes fall like the doomed’s last seconds. From One Ear To Another takes over with a more technical track that focuses on harmonics and fast playing to win, while the sounds suddenly stops to come back on a better way.
On Necktie Party, Gurdip’s bass will be highlighted on Technical Death Metal riffs while Prateek’s guitar is the most hearable instrument on Brutal Death parts. A sampler will cleanly introduce Blood Eagle and make some bloodstains on your neck if you don’t mind to it. Hits introduce you to filthy headbanging, and it’s impossible to stop this track, whatever happens. On the middle, rhythm part changes to become more technical, while Brodequin focuses on the band’s bold and heavy sound. The rotation between Kaushal’s growl and scream proves that he shouldn’t blush in front of this style’s master.
Maraschino Eyeball will take time to come to literally trample the sample by its sound. Yes, trample. It’s what I felt while I listened this song for the first time : riffs are so powerful and unexpected that they erase every resistance on their path, while Scaphism is wiser, focusing on Aaron’s furious blast beat. The last track, Death Hammer, is the longest one and also the slowest one. The massive rhythm track wants us to understand the song’s title once for all, before disappearing forever far away.

Underestimated for a long time, Indian Metal scene is full of treasures. It’s not a necessity to have ten full lengths to impose yourself on stage and on CD, that’s what Gutslit understood well. With their half a hour long demolition, the indian band add a solid stone to worldwide Brutal Death structure. When they played in Paris, the guys were as accessible and humble at the merch booth as massive on stage. And I’m not just talking about their amazing sound.


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