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When we talk about Doom Metal, it’s hard to not mention the english Electic Wizard’s bewitching riffs.

Their journey starts in 1988 under the name of Lord Of Putrafaction, but officially becomes Electric Wizard in 1993 after several other changes. The only former member who is still in the band nowadays and who leads the band in the singer/guitarist Jus Oborn, accompanied by Liz Buckingham (guitar), his wife, since 2003, and also by Simon Poole (drums) and Clayton Burgess (bass) since 2014. The band just released Wizard Bloody Wizard, the ninth full-length, and its worthily registers in its precursors lineage. Be ready to fly high.

Electric Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard

The english band begins with See You In Hell’s larsen, that directly knocks us out with super heavy riffs. Bass is as highlighted as always, and Jus’ voice keeps this unhealthy aspect that makes people speak on it and which is praised by all the fans. Impossible to land from this slow and bold rhythm track, that leads to Necromania. The band pushes psychedelic aspect of the composition a bit farther, and it’s hard to not nodding while hearing it. Jus’ words resounds in our mind, and cross guitar’s harmonics. Hear The Sirens Scream won’t betray Electric Wizard’s legacy by playing on effects’ sounds that are necessary to create such a mesmerizing music. This soothing slowness is also punctuated by some harmonics outbursts that will create kind of rhythm in the band’s lament.
For The Reaper, an organ invades space before the band starts to play sick and greasy riffs. Sounding more like a transition than a complete song, this easy rhythmic indulges Wicked Caresse its place. Still lower and frightening than the previous ones, musicians experiments a sharp lead guitar sound. Electric Wizard ends this new record on Mourning Of The Magicians. Really catchy, this last song which rhythm tracks seems to be inspired by Blues allow us to enjoy the band’s capacity to make receptive minds high better than any kind of drug, and for more than ten minutes of bold riffs.

Renowned by everyone, Electric Wizard makes everyone agree. When the band that inspires many others and that continues to create constant quality compositions comes back, everyone care. And they’re right, because there’s just a few bands that leads so many minds to simple and pure madness. While they often play in festivals, I was never able to see them on stage, but it will probably done really soon.


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