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Death Metal has no borders, it’s a fact, and that on Vistery, a band from Belarus, that we will focus today.

Created in 2011 as Alexey “Wicked” Kizillo’s solo project (guitar, ex-Evil Unleashed), the man releases a first record thanks to some of his friends’ help, then decides to make his project evolve into a full band hiring musicians. Alexey chooses a frist line-up for his second full-length (released in 2012) of which Ivan “Paranoid” Smirnov (vocals) is the only remaining member. The rest of the band is composed of Sergiy “Def” (drums) and Alexander “Soulless” Volvachev (bass). Together, they compose Death Is Dead and are highly decided to impose themselves on the international scene. Guitar player Kirill Vladimirov completes the line-up, and that’s as a five-piece band that the musicians will blow your ears.

Vistery - Death Is Dead

The record starts with Winds Of Devastation, a track that clearly highlights bass with an introduction that proves that musicians are highly skilled. Rhythm calms down and Paranoid starts to scream. His particular tone allows him to do powerful growls when the other guys slowly lead us to Tormentor. Cleverly melting devastating rhythm track, bass slap and technical harmonics, the band bring his personal touch to a powerful Death Metal. Rotting Earth once again honors bass during as warlike as thoughtful riffs, and we understand that years that separate the last two records were really productive. Belarusians continue with Picnic Party and its uncompromising rhythm part that literally smashes everything on its way. Faster than previous tracks, but as interesting as they were, this song regularly changes rhythm to add another violence piece.
Let’s come back on a more melodic aspect of Vistery with Omniphobic and its shrilling harmonics, supported by a bass that perfectly follows each guitar move while creating a heavy bottom. Old School Death Metal lovers coule be confused by a Thrash Metal-like drum part, but riffs don’t lie. Let’s continue with Swamp and its syncopated rhythmic that sometimes goes faster all at once and allows no other choice than headbanging with this heavy track. The band doesn’t let us rest while they attack again with Die From Within, a scathing but fast track that seems to be influenced by a heavy and powerful Groove Metal but that also gives a catchy touch to this relentless Death Metal.
On a more Old School approach, but also more ritualistic on the introduction, Black Magic explodes on our face, while allowing us time to rest a bit to burst into fire again. If you need more, Mortal Fear was created on the same pattern with riffs that made me think about a mix between Obituary and Krisiun’s first records. The band’s power is already proven effective, but musicians also included an impressively fast and technical part. We finish the record on a more Brutal Death oriented side with Butchery and its galloping riffs that will prove again the band’s diversity when they compose, but also with the eponymous track, Death Is Dead that add this Old School touch with fast and shrilling harmonics.

Even if their names are nearly unknown to the scene, Visetry’s musicians are far from amateurs. Able to melt raw strength, bloody Old School riffs and many influences, the band is looking bright, and I think that Death Is Dead will bring us the sufficient fame to allow them to grow up quickly. I advise this one to Bolt Thrower and Morbid Angel’s fans.


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