Review 228: Exitium Sui – The Sinister Business Of Selling Hope – English

You need a new fix of darkness, and Exitium Sui will provide it.

After the project’s first EP at the beginning of 2020, ES (vocals/composition, Humanitas Error Est, I Am All Wounds, Veils of Fog, ex-Deadspace, ex-Cancer) comes back to spread its blackness. Illustrated by the man himself, The Sinister Business Of Selling Hope, the band’s second EP, is already here.

The soft and melodious introduction of The Sinister Business Of Selling Hope, the eponymous track, is our first contact with this EP. Quickly, a dissonant saturation comes to create a contrast with this ambience, then howlings melt with the dark riff’s melancholy. Pain and languor are part of this musical landscape, and suddenly the raw furor of Into the Molten Jaws of Death hits, with blackness and hypnotic sonorities. Whether the rhythmic slows down, the intensity stays the same, and the sound accelerates again to reach a climax of unhealthy dissonance, then Blood, Flesh, Malice comes next. This weighing introduction lets place to a visceral and violent sound, that picks into the deepest and the most harrowing DSBM influences. While The World Waits On Their One Last Breath, the last composition, reconnects with an atmospheric sound while staying anchored in this sharp Black Metal with piercing howlings for a final between both universes.

Even if The Sinister Business Of Selling Hope is different and rawer than the first EP, it is an impressive one. It unveils another aspect of Exitium Sui’s dark, melancholic and deep universe, while being really aggressive, and also attracting.


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