Review 279 : Lik – Misanthropic Breed – English

Cradled by Death Metal in the heart of Sweden, Lik unveils its third album.

Founded in 2014, the band is composed of Chris Barkensjö (drums/vocals, Witchery, ex-Kaamos, ex-The Resistance), Tomas Åkvik (guitar/vocals, Nale, live for ex-Katatonia, live for Bloodbath), Niklas « Nille » Sandin (guitar, Katatonia, ex-Sodomisery) and Joakim « Myre » Antman (bass, Diatonic, The Ugly, ex-Decadence). The name of this third album? Misanthropic Breed.

After a sample that seems to be out of a slasher movie, The Weird let Old School Death Metal fall upon us. The greasy and saturated sound has an amazing mix that lets us relish all the swede’s shades. Fast, effective and flawless, the song gives way to Misanthropic Breed, that offers an unhealthy dissonance before Flesh Frenzy. Sharp riffs grab us to the throat, and the violence whirlwind leaves again. Whether this composition is a very straight one, Morbid Fascination is a bit more groovy, softly adding some absorbing harmonics and bloody-tasting harmonics. A more soaring part supports this feeling of softness, the leads drop us on the fierce Wolves. Some frenetic riffs restlessly strike us, and the oppressing atmosphere contributes to the aggression just like on Faces of Death. Even if this one is more raw, the composition lets place to some efficient leads to gather the morbid rhythmic.
The long Becoming is the next one, ingeniously linking a heavy and shrilling rhythmic, piercing leads and wild howlings. The song is lively, and will for sure unleash crowds before mesmerizing us with the final lead guitar part. Come back to raw power and fast-paced riffs with Decay, a song composed in pure Swedish Death Metal tradition, melting aggressivity and very catchy sound, while Funeral Anthem returns on airy harmonics. Dark tones perfectly fits to this effective rhythmic, and lead guitar parts let us go on Corrosive Survival, another bloodthirsty riff. If the song is more than catchy, it will be impossible to resist to the mosh call when the band plays it on stage! Female Fatal to the Flesh, the last song, is slower but also heavier, and this permanent anguish will fade away with the album’s last notes.

Lik is undoubtedly one of the most efficient bands in recent years regarding Death Metal. Misanthropic Breed’s Old School tones make this full-length a treasure of hostility that you must listen to!


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