Review 538 : Bloodkill – Throne of Control – English

Ready for the new Thrash sensation with Bloodkill?

Created in 2016 in India by Yash Wadkar (bass), the musician gathers Vishwas Shetty (guitar), Anirudh Gollapudi (vocals), Shubham Khare (guitar) and Jay Patil (drums) for Throne of Control, their first album.

The band asks to Gaurav Basu (aka Acid Toad, singer for Inner Sanctum) to make them a melting of current and Old School design to fit their image, and they begin with The Unveiling. Some worrying introduction that immediately throws us on Blindead Circus. The band quickly motivates us with groovy riffs that picks to the genre’s roots. Sound is sharp and incites to headbanging or crowd movements, then very Heavy riffs are next. We continue on this pattern with False Face, a more direct song that still uses leads to develop this aggressive but catchy approach, then on 3B a song that smells the eighties a lot. Heavy and sharp sounds lovers will enjoy it!
Unite and Conquer comes back to this warlike rhythmic on which harmonics are unleashed, while giving us the will to nod with a beer in our hand, Horrorscope offers heady and dark tones before going to a more aggressive fastness and vindictive riffs. A more melodic part is expected, then an acceleration before For I am the Messiah, a very angry and groovy song. Bass is more present, letting shrilling parts to guitars, then a violence explosion before Throne of Control, the last song. The recipe doesn’t change, and it is forty years old, but it is so energetic and catchy that it’s hard to resist this stirring rhythmic and those piercing leads.

Bloodkill steps back in time. Throne of Control may have been released in 2021, the album could have seen the light during the Thrash Metal golden age since it is inspired by it. Pure energy, piercing leads and rage are on the bill!


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