Review 700 : Demersus Ad Nihilum – //180703// – English

Demersus Ad Nihilum unveils itself with a first EP.

Entitled //180703//, it is the output of Florian Musil (all instruments, Theotoxin, ex-Seeds of Sorrow), accompanied by Ragnar (vocals, Theotoxin, Bifröst, Schattenfall).

Only three songs for this EP on which we discover the band’s Atmospheric Black Metal sound inspired by austrian poetry with Hin auf dornigen Wegen, a first composition which is both very raw and melancholic. Howlings perfectly melt with this solid and airy rhythmic, on which burning rage meets the beauty of a crystal clear sound, then a break brings an unfathomable sorrow. The vocalist is here joined by Torsten (Agrypnie, Nocte Obducta) then by C.S.R. (Schammasch) for Verwünschung, the next track. Each of the three voices add a part of blackness that creates a contrast with the clean sounding riffs’ energetic madness, then the complaint begins again, anchored into darkness, hatred and suffering, with the final part that makes our flood freeze into our veins. Abschied, the last composition, is both majestic and plaintive, creating again a meeting between raw Black Metal with visceral howlings and keyboards supported by heady melodies with appeasing sound. The melting is very present, and the tearing final comes after a new quiet moment.

Demersus Ad Nihilum’s universe is as poetic as brutal and intense. The sound on //180703//  is raw and cold, but the melodic incursions create a tearing and delightful contrast.


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