Review 727 : Ulo – Three Two – English

Ulo is back to play with violence.

Created in 2020 by Aditya Prakoso (vocals/all instruments, Gerogot, Raw, Brain Damage) as a one-man band in Indonesia, the band quickly releases a demo with Brutal Mind. Three Two, the first album, is released in 2021.

Even if the man takes care of everything in his project, we have three heavyweights guest vocalists: Ángel Ochoa (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge, Cephalotripsy, ex-Condemned), Weerasak “Ligore” Kitthammapirak (Ecchymosis, Splattered Orgasm) and Larry Wang (Coprocephalic, Facelift Deformation, Fatuous Rump, Gorepot, Maggot Colony…).
Illustrated by the horrific artwork of Jon Zig (Images of Violence, Sarcolytic, Serpentian), this album’s eight songs are all forged into greasy violence, apocalyptic breaks and dancing jerky riffs. The three guests share seven songs, adding an incredible vocal fatness to the band’s creator, who does his best to create mammoth instrumental parts. I personally loved Seed of Corpse Dung, the first song, as well as Sadistic Predator and the super powerful Bad Odor, but we also notice that the project’s mastermind knows how to deal with howlings on Corpse Eater, a song with oppressive dissonant shades. The album ends with Unpleasant Smell, a song that stays in the purest Slam Death tradition, melting heaviness and effectiveness.

With a single album, Ulo shows us that he knows Slam. Three Two has a fantastic strike force, combining devastating breaks, thick rumbling riffs and four incredibly gifted howlers.


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