Review 738 : Cannatonic – L.S.DOOM – English

Are you into greasy and smoking music? Cannatonic too.

Created in 2020 in Lorraine, France, the band composed of Théo « Tchoupi » Marchal (bass/vocals, Orbis), Chris Muller (guitar/vocals, Sylphina), Arthur Zanotelli (drums, Nawui) and Thomas Décamps (guitar, Redneck Bonfire) offers us its first EP, L.S.DOOM.

We begin with heady and groovy riffs from L.S.DOOM, the first track. Some catchy psychedelic influences immediately slip into grease and some raw screams, then the rhythmic turns into a heady wall of sound before allowing vocals to come back. Exhumed to Smoke, the second track, is heavier and immediately more aggressive than the previous one, offering sharp harmonics, blast and more vocals. The impressive final part slows down to let place to the last tones whiffs of greasy smoke.

With this first EP, Cannatonic sets the basis of its sound melting. Greasy, raw and heady but short, L.S.DOOM sounds like the first step of a flamboyant path.


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