Review 926 : Under the Church – Total Burial – English

Under the Church comes back with a new EP.

After two albums, an EP and a split, Erik Qvick (drums/guitar, Kontinuum, ex-Nirvana 2002), Lars Henriksson (bass, ex-Nirvana 2002), Erik Wallin (guitar, Merciless), Marcus Klack (guitar, ex-Morbid) and Erik Sahlström (vocals, General Surgery, ex-Crucifyre, ex-Maze of Torment) announce Total Burial for the end of 2021.

We begin without warning on Day Of Reckoning, a song that clearly makes us feel the Swedish influences of this international project, while offering solid riffs. The abrasive rhythmic ensures an energetic basis with raw vocals, then a shrilling solo drives us to the last part before Spit On Your Grave, a song with fast and massive sound. The composition takes the best of Old School Death Metal, adding tortured melodies and a hooking chorus, then Total Burial, the eponymous track, unveils slower riffs. Harmonics are sharp and cleverly placed to feed this burning rage, then Depraved Vocation offers an energetic groove and Death’n’Roll influences. The band can easily count on it to motivate a whole audience, then we end on Just Another Death, a greasy and sizzling track that allows no dead time. Whether it is about rhythmic or leads, everything is made to make us nod and want to throw ourselves into an excited crowd.

Four years after its last full-length, Under the Church is back in the game. With Total Burial, the band shows us their swedish-influenced Death Metal is still effective, and that their short tracks are raging.


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