Review 982 : Apes – Lullabies For Eternal Sleep – English

Apes is back with a new EP.

Since 2012 in Canada, Alexandre Goulet (vocals), Louis Ladouceur (guitar), Gabriel d’Amours (drums), Simon Olivier (guitar), William Lapointe (bass/vocals) and Patrick Cloutier (guitar) work into violence. Lullabies For Eternal Sleep comes out in 2022.

We begin without a single kind of softness with Cornwall, an oppressive and aggressive track which borrows as much from Black Metal than from Grindcore. The suffocating ambience meets unhealthy riffs and weighing vocals, creating a steamroller of violence which continues with a Noise final part, then comes Devour, a crushing track. We have this burdensome sound again, drawing from Sludge, this abrasive dissonance and also those aggressive effects, then No Will To Live reconnects with raw violence. Dissonant leads are still present, but we sometimes meet fast-paced blast, a thick rhythmic or tearing sonorities. The track is short, but it offers an apocalyptic sight of violence, while Sore, the last song, delivers a devastated landscape, only inhabited on the final part by Noise influences and oppressive howlings.

Apes doesn’t know what delicacy is. With Lullabies For Eternal Sleep, the band places Grind, Sludge, Black and Noise influences, which becomes an abrasive melting we can’t wait to enjoy.


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