Review 1116 : Fetal Blood Eagle – Indoctrinate – English

Fetal Blood Eagle is born between Belgium and the United States in 2021.

Since then, Sven de Caluwé (vocals, Aborted, Bent Sea, Coffin Feeder…), Ryan Beevers (guitar, Unflesh, ex-Solium Fatalis), Jim Gregory (guitar, ex-Solium Fatalis), Lenny Patterson (bass, Necronomichrist) and Kendall « Pariah » Divoll (drums, Necronomichrist, live for Vital Remains) reveal us Indoctrinate, their first album.

After a second of sampled laughter, the rawest violence grabs us to the throat over Necromorphic Illumination, the first track. Whether the sound is oriented to some effective Death/Grind, we easily feel Old School influences into those fast riffs, like on the groovy Hate Fucked Face. Piercing leads are easily integrated to the jerky and energetic rhythmic, while Razorwire Communion places dark, dissonant and weighing elements before the wave of raw strength appears. The track quickly reconnects with a hooking aggressiveness, then Caverns of Deformulated Flesh comes next with an aggressive saturation with very direct patterns. Leads are not aside with an extreme liveliness, while the band trends to a mammoth heaviness with Only Meth is Real, an undertuned track. The song is still extremely effective, and it will leave us with a quite ghoulish sample before Devoid of Corrosive Form reconnects with straightforward and Old School tones. The song will be perfect to make crowds move with huge headbangs, then Abortion Dumpster Overload comes next to unveil a jerky groove and some more complex leads before Injected Larvae of the Hive Mind places Melodic Death Metal influences into the song’s brutality. Moshparts stay very hooking, just like the effective rhythmics of Decompression Disembowlement and their continuous heaviness. Whether the rhythmic alternates between heaviness and more energetic elements, we feel the sound is haunting, like on Cinder Block Suicide, the last composition, which stays into this dynamic of raw strength coupled to straightforward Death Metal sound.

The name of Fetal Blood Eagle may seem brutal, but its music does too. With Indoctrinate, the band does not want to make a revolution into Death/Grind, but they rather want to add some effective compositions to this unchained rage.


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