Review 1162 : Agathodaimon – The Seven – English

Agathodaimon is awake.

Created in 1995 in Germany, the band releases six albums of majestic-influenced Black Metal. But in 2014, Sathonys (guitar/vocals, ex-Nocte Obducta) was forced to put the project on hold. In 2020, he revived the band accompanied again by Ashtrael (vocals), and the duo hired Von Yanesh (bass, All Will Know), Mortos (drums, Cravenhall) and Nakhateth (guitar, Omega Point, Sektor). The five-piece band signs with Napalm Records, and releases The Seven in 2022.

The album begins with La Haine and its oppressive ambience which melts very straightforward elements with sharp melodies, but also with those weighing parts and those intense clean vocals, creating an impressive contrast. The song is followed by Ain’t Death Grand and its heady tones anchored into a Black Metal with theatrical orchestrations and haunting melodies, then Wolf Within comes to flood us under its wave of blast. The song slightly calms down to welcome massive vocals and worrying choirs which allow Gothic influences to overcome with softness, which will continue on Ghosts of Greed and its hooking riffs. The two voices relay each other to feed the dark and heady ambience, then the band welcomes Vlad Dracul, who was the band’s vocalist between 1995 and 2002, for Mother of All Gods. The song melts melancholy, oppressive blackness and majestic orchestrations to unveil all its strength, which will be followed by the melancholic and airy melodies of Estrangement, accompanied by those deep and demonstrative vocals. Rage bursts into fire on the final, which finally allows us to wander on In My Dreams (Part 1 – Prelude), a short very majestic and soaring track. The introduction is broken to let In My Dreams (Part 2 – In Bitterness) display us all the band’s rage, without forgetting those intense quiet parts, which will be joined by tearing leads and powerful howlings. Warlike influences are unveiled on Kyrie – Gloria, a composition on which the band’s blackness welcomes Julien Truchan (Benighted, Néfastes) for some unhealthy screams. The track is still majestic and impressive, but it quickly lets place to The Divine, the last composition, which allows the band to unveil weighing riffs as well as their two vocal shades over a quite progressive but still very dark rhythmic.

To celebrate its comeback, Agathodaimon did not do the job half-heartedly. With The Seven, the band pays tribute to its seizing roots while offering new elements, a contagious intensity and dark riffs.


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