Review 1319 : Comatose Music – Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty – English

Comatose Music wants to grind us down.

The American label has gathered four of the most violent bands on the planet between Slam, Brutal Death and Grindcore for a split with a very evocative name: Acts Of Sadistic Cruelty. On the menu, America’s Kill Everything, followed by Canada’s NecroticGoreBeast, Virulent Excision, another American band, and finally the terror from Taiwan, Gorepot

Kill Everything‘s devastating Brutal Death is the first to strike, placing heavy riffs, devastating blast and massive screams in the spotlight. The palm-mutes and the thick mix make the songs crushing and extremely effective, linking moshparts with murderous accelerations and ferocious drum parts, which don’t forget the groove. The track that will break your neck? Maggot Frenzy.

NecroticGoreBeast takes over with its more modern mix, coupled with a heavy Death Metal approach, while placing vicious leads. Wild vocal parts perfectly combine with the song’s more technical and fast elements, which don’t waste a single second to hit at full strength, while offering violent but diverse influences. If you’re still unsure, Butchered Transurethral Prostate Removal will convince you.

It is time for Virulent Excision and its gloomy tones to strike us relentlessly with two very solid tracks that know how to slow down to conscientiously knock us out. The band masters both jerky rhythms and catchy and fast riffs, making their devastating music a real pleasure for the violence lovers. It’s hard to choose, but I pick Carnivorous Defleshment.

The last band to come and assault us is Gorepot, and it will be with the delicacy of a combine harvester. The few moments of respite between bassdrops, devastating blasts and wild screams will be orchestrated by samples of what sounds like TV shows. Put your brain down for a few minutes, and let the four tracks stomp you, led by Bill Cosbys Favorite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty.

While each band has their own approach on Brutal/Slam Death, we almost have to wonder if so much violence is even legal. Kill Everything, NecroticGoreBeast, Virulent Excision and Gorepot offer half an hour of bloody slaughter that you definitely need to listen to.


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