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Psycroptic is already back with a new album!

Created in 1999 in Australia, the band composed of Joe Haley (guitar, Ruins), David Haley (drums, Ruins, The Amenta, Werewolves, ex-Pestilence), Jason Peppiatt (vocals, Domination Campaign) and Todd Stern (bass, Tombs, Hammer Fight) announces the release of Divine Council in 2022 on Prosthetic Records and EVP Recordings.

Note that we find some vocal parts from Jason Keyser (Origin, ex-Skinless) and Amy Wiles again.

The complex Rend Asunder is the first to strike, letting a heavy base host jerky riffs and massive screams as well as more airy dissonance. The band never slows down, letting the devastating rhythm drive us into A Fool’s Errand and its sharp roots which borrow from Progressive Death. The ominous oppressive sounds mix with an explosive aggression while keeping intense and abrasive vocal parts, especially during the chorus, then This Shadowed World completes the massacre with frantic riffs. We still feel some melodiousness in this unstoppable wave of violence, just like on Enslavement and its very raw catchy riffs. The band injects Old School influences like chopped patterns into this energetic track which will surely stir the pits before Ashes of Our Empire completes the rage with a chaotic and dark groove. Violence gives way to a sweet and mysterious intro for The Prophets Council, but the sound quickly darkens, to let jerky and heavy riffs smash us, interspersed with heady melodies. Awakening follows with a dissonant and intriguing complexity, which will bring forth haunting leads to accompany the raw power, creating an interesting contrast which conducts us to A Fragile Existence, a track which keeps the duality while working in complexity and Progressive influences, as well as majestic female backing vocals. The final is more raw before leaving us with Exitus, the last composition, which lets musicians unleash themselves by returning to their violent and uncompromising roots, without forgetting that little melodic touch.

Although Psycroptic didn’t lose time, the band didn’t lose power either! Divine Council is the perfect successor to their devastating discography, which also brings new and more technical influences. The band is at its peak.


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