Review 1322: Hierophant – Death Siege – English

Hierophant announces its fifth album.

Since 2009, Lollo (guitar/vocals, The Secret), Ben (drums) and Fabio Carretti (bass/vocals, Blood of Seklusion, Human Improvement Process) have been cultivating the musical grime they defend today with Death Siege, to be released in 2022 by Season of Mist Underground Activists.

Mortem Aeternam opens the doors to this universe with an abrasive and oppressive dissonance populated with some saturated words before Seeds of Vengeance crushes us with a killer blast and unhealthy riffs. The very raw basis is easily coupled with the Old School mix and thick screams, creating a wave of hooking darkness which sometimes allow aggressive leads to come out before swamping us again under unhealthy harmonics. Devil Incarnate continues with haunting Death Metal patterns which perfectly fit with the thick nad greasy sound, but also with energetic accelerations and ghostly choirs, while Bloodbath Compendium brings us face to face with impressive and unholy riffs coupled with catchy drum parts. The track will also bring dissonant oppression to the forefront, then it will give way to Crypt of Existence and its raw rage inspired by the mixing of Black and Death Metal as well as the styles’ roots. Aggressive leads easily settle on the frantic and mystical basis before Interlude comes to give us a short and disturbing respite, which will drop us on In Chaos, In Death, another extremely catchy and aggressive track. Some parts are slower and unhealthy, but the ungodly speed is never far away to support its oppression, just like wild growls on Abysmal Annihilation, an equally dark and thick track. Rage never seems to fade, even when the tempo is slowed down to offer more impressive parts, then Death Siege, the eponymous track, drops us in the middle of an unleashed fury wave which lets the darkest influences express themselves. Sharp leads and screams take turns to make the rhythmic a hurricane of terror and unstoppable violence, which will hardly brake for the catchy final which drives us to Nemesis of Thy Mortals, the last composition. Longer, but also heavier, it will allow the band the time to create a dissonant and suffocating introduction before releasing an aggressive and wild rhythmic until the last moment.

Hierophant‘s aggressiveness is rooted in a mystical and suffocating Black Metal while letting raw Death Metal patterns energize the compositions. Death Siege is not a simple album which mixes the two styles, it magnifies them by developing them to the extreme.


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