Review 1342 : Sarcophagum – Conduits to the Underworld – English

Sarcophagum announces its first release.

Created in 2021 in Australia as side project by past and present members of Golgothan Remains, the band announces in 2022 the release of Conduits to the Underworld at Nuclear Winter.

The band begins with Pits of Hate, a song with haunting riffs anchored into Old School Death Metal which reveals all its strength after a raging spurt, also allowing massive howlings to come to life. Dissonant and weighing harmonics shroud the crushing and aggressive basis, but we also notice more heady tones on the end, then Netherengines comes next with appeasing riffs which drive us straight to an explosion of violence. The song offers a solid blast as well as an effective basis, but the approach is clearly more airy on leads, in opposite to Between Two Worlds which comes back on raw and dissonant aggressiveness. We also notice some haunting parts orchestrated by unstoppable double kick and very metallic leads before going back to straightforward tones to drive us to a darker final which ends the EP.

Despite short, this first EP allows Sarcophagum to set themselves into massive and dissonant Old School Death Metal roots. Some hints of Black, an oppressive slowness and a vivid aggressiveness, Conduits to the Underworld is a good start.


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